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When brake pads are near their end of life there are usually six common signs that all is not good with your car brakes. Get a free brake check now be safe

Brake Pads and Brake Discs wear quickly and have a limited life. These parts wear out a little more each time you apply the brakes. Here’s why:

Your brake system turns your car’s kinetic energy into friction that slows your wheels and brings your car to a stop.

The brake pads in your vehicle are the source of that friction, which is created as they press up against the braking discs in your car. As these brake pads wear down so does your braking distance increase.

Where you could stop within 30 metres it might now take 40 metres. It’s something you can test yourself, do it and be just a little safer on our roads.

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Car Brakes Repair, Interest Free Flexible Easy Payment Options

Fix it now and PAY LATER with our interest free easy payment options. Choose from Humm or Openpay options to pay for your repairs and servicing over a period best suited to you.


Brake Disc Rotors.

Car brake rotor Brake rotors, also known as brake discs, are what your brake pads clamp down on to stop your car's wheels spinning. Standard discs are smooth and flat with no slotting or drillings, unlike performance brake rotors. The two types of high performance brake rotors are drilled and slotted.

Drilled rotors have holes drilled into them to allow for heat to escape. When brake pads press against the rotor, the friction creates heat that can lead to brake fade if it has nowhere to go. Holes also help water drain from brake rotors after driving through wet conditions. Damp brake rotors make it harder for brake pads to grab onto.

Slotted rotors use slots in the flat metal surface to move water, gas and heat away from the rotors. They are generally more durable than drilled rotors, however they tend to wear down brake pads quickly.

Brakes and the servicing of them present a big picture with lots of variables so to get good advice, presented in simple terms, contact Steve at Highway Auto Brakes for all you want to know about your car and what is best for you.

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Worn Brake Pads.

Worn car brake rotor What happens:
When you press down on the brake pedal, you trigger a series of rapid events. As you step on the pedal the caliper apply pressure to the brake pads, which in turn puts pressure on the brake rotors. This brings your car to a stop. If anything is “off” with your brake pads, you may feel it in your steering wheel. Brake pads that are old, worn, or particularly dirty cannot grip the rotor effectively and can cause your steering wheel to quiver and shake.

What to do:
Calipers were built to last for a long time. Rotors and brake pads, on the other hand, tend to wear out over time. Thankfully rotors can be resurfaced or replaced, and brake pads can easily be replaced too. A quick brake inspection at Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton can give you an estimate of how much life may be left in your brake pads.

See more information on BRAKES and get good advice on your needs.

How do Brake Pads Work?

Simply put, brake pads contact your rotors and cause friction to slow and stop your car. Brake pads are part of a very interconnected system, a system that relies on each of its parts to function safely and successfully. Here’s how your brake pads play their part:

  • When you press down on the brake pedal, you activate a cylinder that sends brake fluid through hoses, down to the calipers.

  • The calipers engage your brake pads.

  • Your brake pads apply pressure to the rotor, which is directly connected to each wheel.

  • This pressure creates the friction needed to slow or stop your vehicle. When the rotor slows, so do your wheels.

  • Take your foot off the brake pedal and the whole process reverses: the brake pads release, fluid moves back up the hoses, and your wheels are on the move again!


Brake Pad Problems You Should Watch Out For.

Certain sounds and sensations can all signal potential brake pad problems. Stay alert and pay attention to:

  • Screaming or grinding: Any noise that could be labeled as “eardrum piercing” could mean it’s time to have your brake pads inspected. Worn pads could cause damage to other parts of the system and lead to major and often more expensive repairs.

  • Shaking in your steering wheel or brake pedal: When worn brake pads turn into worn out brake pads, it can lead to rotor damage from all the metal-on-metal rubbing. Shivers and shakes in the steering wheel or brake pedal are more than just unpleasant. Your brake system is trying to communicate with you!

  • Brake warning light:This dashboard indicator light could come on for several reasons, none of which you want to ignore. The light could be clueing you into a problem with the brake’s hydraulic system, your brake fluid level could be low, or your parking brake may be engaged. Whatever the reason for the light, your ability to safely come to a stop isn’t worth risking.


How Often Should Your Brake Pads Be Inspected?

General wisdom says to have your brakes (including your brake pads) inspected every 6 months or 10,000km, but your manufacturer guidelines may give you better guidance for your specific vehicle. If you’re hearing grinding, squeaking, or squealing, your steering wheel feels shaky, or your brake warning light is on, drop in to Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton today and we'll check it out for you.

During your free brake inspection, we’ll measure your brake pad and brake rotor wear, check brake fluid levels, and let you know if your brakes need further service. Our brake technicians are ready to answer your brake questions and give you a better idea of how much “life” is left in your car’s brake pads. If you are ready to stop wondering what’s troubling your brakes, visit Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton or schedule an appointment for a free brake inspection today.
(07) 4926 1303.

$197 Brake service kit includes:

  • Supply and fit Bendix disc pads.

  • Inspect disc rotors for condition, measure thickness.

  • Inspect brake caliper operation.

  • Clean and lubricate caliper sliding pins and contact areas.

  • Check brake fluid condition and top up if necessary.

  • Visually inspect brake master cylinder.

  • Check park brake operation and adjust.

  • Measure tyre wear


Common Brake Problems and The Warning Signs

  • A spongy brake pedal

  • A grinding sound when you depress the brake pedal

  • Squealing brakes

  • The car pulling to one side when you brake

  • The brake warning light illuminating

  • Brake fluid level dropping

  • The brake pedal being hard to press

  • Pulsating brake pedal


Examples of vehicles we service
● Audi
● Daewoo
● Daihatsu
● Datsun
● Fiat
● Ford
● Holden
● Honda
● Hyundai
● Isuzu Ute
● Jeep
● Kia
● Land Rover
● Lexus
● Mazda
● Mini
● Mitsubishi
● Nissan
● Subaru
● Suzuki
● Toyota
● Volkswagen
● Volvo

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