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Diagnosing and solving water pump fault HAC Rockhampton

Water pumps circulate the coolant around the engine water jacket, moving the heat to the radiator where airflow carries off the heat. Old coolant damages them

VISIT - CAR ENGINE COOLING MENU: For everything from Radiators to Coolant, Coolant Flush and Change, Water pumps, Thermostats, Radiator caps, etc. Highway Auto is the auto technology master. We do it once and do it right.

Your car engine produces lots of heat, keeping that heat in check is the critical job of the cooling system. Starting at the radiator, we will delve into the cooling system and see if there is anything requiring attention so as to keep it operating efficiently. You get more and you pay less at Highway Auto Care Rockhampton (07) 4926 1303.


Radiator Water Pump Replacement.

car radiator cooling water pump If your car is showing signs of radiator hose or water pump leaks, let Highway Auto Care Rockhampton's skilled professionals take a look. Radiator hoses and the water pump are important components of your car's cooling system, and if your radiator hoses and water pump aren't working properly, you risk overheating and killing your engine.

Water Pump Problems

Depending on your car make, water pumps typically last between 100,000 km and 110,000 km. Radiator hoses can last up to 100,000 km. Over time however, both radiator hoses and water pumps wear out and if they are not replaced when needed, serious damage can occur. A collapsed radiator hose, for example, can quickly ruin your engine.

If you experience any of the following problems, bring your car into Highway Auto Radiators Rockhampton for a quick solution:

  • Your water pump begins to make a squeaking noise.

  • Coolant is leaking from your car onto the ground.

  • Looking under the bonnet, you can see coolant even a trace amount seeping from the water pump weep hole.

If you deal with these radiator hose and water pump problems quickly, you'll prevent any further damage within the cooling system or engine. Come in to Highway Auto Radiators for a Cooling System Diagnosis We don't require an appointment for a check and we're open five days a week for your radiator and cooling system repair services.
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